Love Poems From My Heart

This is a Sonnet from my heart about living right now and partaking in the consideration, presence and love of the One for You!

Simply Accompany me.

Simply Sit with me.

Simply Permit me to Stay in your heavenly delicious presence.

Simply BE you without interruptions.

Simply BE you without your defensive walls.

Simply BE you, the heartfelt ruler that makes my Sovereign’s heart expand with divine love.

Simply BE you, the man of honor that I realize you are and can decide to Be.

Simply BE you, the sort and adoring soul that I realize you are.

Simply BE you, the bona fide awesome “planned by God” lord made for significance bound to take off and thunder.

Simply BE you, my Legend, the person who deeply inspired me with your heavenly hot eyes and liberal heart.

How about we convey each other in the excellence and brilliance of our unified spirits, at this time.

The main second there is.

Simply Accompany me in the At this point.

No other person exists.

No other person matters.

Just you and I.

Your consideration is more invaluable than whatever you might at any point give me.

So Accompany me at this time, on the grounds that for the present, just you and I exist encompassed by the beauty and love of God in the holiness of our solidarity. Simply Accompany me.

Sovereign Marième Faye

Sonnet 2

An Adoration statement from Sovereign Marième’s Heart to her Ruler’s Heart

I went gaga for you heart,

Then your soul romanced me.

Your spirit grabbed my genuine love and would not give up.

My soul said OK.

My spirit said OK.

My body said OK and longs for yours from that point forward.

You are the apple of my eyes.

I realize that God loves me profoundly in light of the fact that He made You only for me.

You intensify my satisfaction.

You elevate my soul.

You cause me to feel delightful, provocative and divine.

You draw out the heavenly ladylike and the goddess in me who is captived by you.

The Sovereign in me longs for the Lord in you.

I can hardly hold back to completely give myself over to you everlastingly; soul, brain, soul and body.

I can hardly hang tight for us to be ONE under God.

You encourage me, adored and appreciated.

You treasure me as I treasure you.

Together, we will keep on raising each other’s hearts to the degree of unadulterated, heavenly, profound, genuine unqualified love.

Love that certain individuals just dream of and experience through heartfelt films.

Love that we get to encounter consistently, lost in one another and into one another.

Love that causes the birds to sing for us each day as they can feel our hearts’ association.

Love that cause us to feel satisfaction, joy and euphoria regular.

Love that overcomes All hearts, hoists spirits and tempts spirits to euphoria and full heavenly fellowship.

This is the amount I love you my dear Lord, this Adoration that I have for you is simply surprising which fixes things such substantially more remarkable and energizing.

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