how to eran money youtube video adsense add

To earn money from YouTube video ads using AdSense, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a YouTube channel: Sign in to your Google account and go to YouTube ( Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner and select “Create a channel.” Follow the instructions to set up your YouTube channel.
  2. Enable monetization: Once your YouTube channel is set up, go to YouTube Studio by clicking on your profile icon and selecting “YouTube Studio.” In the left-hand sidebar, click on “Monetization.” Follow the instructions to meet the eligibility requirements and enable monetization for your channel.
  3. Set up an AdSense account: If you don’t have an AdSense account already, you’ll need to create one. From YouTube Studio, click on the “Monetization” tab in the left-hand sidebar, and then click on “Start” under “Sign up for AdSense.” Follow the steps to set up an AdSense account and link it to your YouTube channel.
  4. Meet the monetization requirements: To start earning money from YouTube video ads, you need to meet the YouTube Partner Program’s monetization requirements. These include having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel in the past 12 months. Once you meet these requirements, your channel will be reviewed for monetization.
  5. Enable video monetization: After your channel is approved for monetization, go to YouTube Studio and click on the “Monetization” tab. Toggle on the switch to enable video monetization for your uploaded videos. You can choose which videos you want to monetize and customize the types of ads that can appear on your videos.
  6. Ad formats and placements: YouTube offers different ad formats, including pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and display ads. The ads will automatically be placed by YouTube based on your video content and viewer demographics. You can also manually insert mid-roll ads in longer videos.
  7. AdSense payments: YouTube earnings from ads will be paid out through your AdSense account. Make sure to set up your payment preferences in AdSense, such as payment method and threshold, to receive your earnings.
  8. AdSense policies: It’s important to adhere to the AdSense policies and YouTube’s Community Guidelines to maintain monetization eligibility. Violation of these policies can result in demonetization or suspension of your YouTube channel.
  9. Monitor performance and optimize: Keep track of your YouTube Analytics to monitor your video performance, ad revenue, and audience engagement. Experiment with video content, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to optimize your videos for better ad revenue and viewer engagement.

Remember, earning money from YouTube ads takes time and effort. Building an audience, creating high-quality content, and consistently uploading videos will contribute to your success. Stay engaged with your viewers, respond to comments, and promote your videos to attract more subscribers and viewers, which can lead to higher ad revenue.

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